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Tuesday, Iyar 6, 5784 / May 14, 2024 (21st day of the Omer)


Yesterday Israel remembered the fallen heroes – men and women who gave their lives to protect the Land of Israel and the People of Israel. It also celebrated Independence day. This year the celebrations were with heavy hearts for those who were slaughtered, murdered, mutilated, raped and all who were taken hostage.


On the one hand, we thank G-d every day for choosing us as His Holy Nation and giving us the Holy Land of Israel. It is nothing short of a miracle from G-d that we have been able to defend Israel for the past 76 years against overwhelming odds which were, and are, stacked against us, to this very day.


At the same time our hearts are pained for those who have lost loved ones in the brutal savagery at the hands of Hamas terrorists and for those who are suffering in captivity. May they ALL be freed now.


Israel is a constant miracle. It is only because G-d is with us, that Israel is ours today. As the Torah says, “For it is He Who gives you the power to do battle.”


Israel is constantly dependent on G-d for its existence. As Moshe told the Jewish people, “Because of your connection to G-d, you are all alive today.


Story: The mikveh (ritual bath) in the city of Premishlan, was located behind a steep mountain. During the summer months the people would take the short route to the mikveh, which went over the mountain. However, in the winter, the mountain was covered with snow and ice, it was dangerous to go up and down the mountain, so they would take the long way and go around the mountain.


The Chassidic Rabbe of Premishlan, Rabbi Meir, would take the shortcut all year round. He would go over the mountain even in the winter and would always safely get to the mikveh and back. People spoke with admiration about their illustrious holy rabbi, how G-d watched and protected him.


There were a few wise guys who made fun of the people who viewed this as a miracle. They said, “This is no great deal. We can do it too.” One winter day, they started climbing up the mountain to prove their point. Halfway up, they lost their footing, slipped, and rolled down the mountain, hurting themselves badly. When they recovered, they came to Rabbi Meir and asked for his forgiveness. Then they said, “Rabbi we recognize that this is not humanly possible. How do youdo it?”


Rabbi Meir replied, “When one is attached on high, one doesn’t fall below.” Because we are connected to on-high, He protects us down here. Our dependenceis the secret of our independence


After Biden unjustly proclaimed that he was withholding from supplying Israel necessary armaments to wipe out Hamas terrorists-murderers, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said, “Israel will have to do it alone.” The truth is that Israel is never alone.G-d was, is, and always will be with Israel.


Long live the people of Israel in the land of Israel. Am Yisrael Chai.