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Tuesday, Shevat 9, 5782 / January 11, 2022


In the beginning of this week’s Parsha, B’Shalach, we read the story of how the people of Israel, who only a few days earlier left Egypt, were now being chased by the Egyptians. They were trapped between the Egyptians, behind them; the desert to their sides and the sea before them.


The Israelites and Moshe screamed to G-d for help. G-d told Moshe, “Tell the children of Israel that they should go forward.


Nachshon, head of the tribe of Yehuda (Judah), was the first to take the plunge. As soon as he did, the sea split and everyone followed him into the sea.


We all know the rest of the story. For the Jewish people the sea split and they walked through it on dry land. For the Egyptians the sea became their death trap and they drowned.


The Torah tells us that after sending the people out of Egypt, Pharaoh and the Egyptians had a change of heart and chased after them.


Q.Why did they have a change of heart?


A.When Moshe pleaded with Pharaoh to let the people go, he told Pharaoh that they will be gone for three daysto serve G-d in the desert. The Egyptians gave them their gold, silver and expensive clothing, as the people requested, knowing that they will get it all back when the people return. But when three days passed and Pharaoh realized that they were not coming back, he and the Egyptians chased after them.


Q.Why was G-d’s final punishment to the Egyptians through drowning them in the sea?


A.This was measure for measure punishment for their decree that every Jewish boy should be drowned by throwing them into the river.


Our sages point out that G-d could have made it much easier for the Jewish people. He could have split the sea as soon as they came there. Then they wouldn’t have to fear the Egyptians, who were chasing after them, and wouldn’t have to “scream” for help.


There is a lesson in this. There are times when G-d waits for usto make that first move and take that plunge of faith in Him. Even when we are in a situation in which we do not see our way out, G-d may be waiting for OURaction to bring about His miracles.




In memory of Jeno Zoldan Z"L – Yitzchak Yehuda ben Aaron (Yosef).

Gone for 31 years, yet, your memory, kindness  and love is still felt.
By  your family. Andre, Esther, Zachary, Benjamin, Jonah.
May the Neshamah have an Aliyah.