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Wednesday, Nissan 11, 5781 / March 24, 2021


Today, the 11th day of the month of Nissan, marks the 119th birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - Rabbi M. M. Schneerson, of blessed memory.


Although the Rebbe is not with us physically, his love for every Jew is still felt just as strongly and vibrantly as before, through his Torah teachings, through his dedicated emissaries and the Chabad Houses he established in every corner of the globe; through the Rebbe’s global educational networks which bring the light of Torah to every corner of the world. May his memory bring us only blessing.


Many of the Seder customs are intended to capture the attention of the children attending the Seder, for the children are the focal point of the Seder.


The "four sons" (wise, wicked, simple, and the one who does not know to ask) play an important role in the Hagadah and the Seder.


In constructing the Hagadah, our sages made sure that we did not brush our children off with a blanket answer to their questions. We are instructed to listen to their "specific" questions and give each of them the "specific" answer which is appropriate for them.  We must even listen to the "silent question" of the fourth son, who "doesn't know what to ask." For his silence may communicate louder than the questions of the rest.


The Lubavitcher Rebbe makes us aware of a 20th century phenomenon; the "Fifth Son." While the "four sons" differ in their reaction to the Seder service, they are at least all present at the Seder. Even the "wicked" son takes an active, if rebellious, interest in what is going on at the Seder. 


“Unfortunately," says the Rebbe, "there is, in our time, a fifth kind of Jewish child: The child who is conspicuousby his absence from the Seder. He has no interest in Torah and Mitzvot and in his Jewish heritage. He may even not be aware of the Seder and the miracles the Seder recalls."


The Rebbe explains that this is the challenge of our generation that "no Jewish child should be left out and given up on.  We must make every effort to save the seemingly lost child, and bring him to the Seder Table," says the Rebbe.


Some Jewish leaders once suggested to the Rebbe that they want to make a campaign to place an empty chair at each Seder Table to commemorate the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. The Rebbe replied, “I think it would be a better idea, instead of leaving that seat empty, to try and fill it with a Jew who will not be attending a Seder..”


This year’s Seder, as last year’s, may be challenging to many. In the Zohar, the matzah we eat on Pesach is called “Food of healing.” May this Pesach indeed bring global healing to all. May we merit the ultimate redemption with Moshiach and may we merit celebrating THIS YEAR in Jerusalem. Amen.




In loving memory of Moshe Altman- Moshe Aharon ben Chaim Yehuda - of blessed memory

Yartzeit is today, 11th of Nissan.  May his soul rest in peace in Gan Eden.

From his children, grandchildren & great grandchildren