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Wednesday, Nissan 4, 5781 / March 17, 2021


(Story continued)


"Rabbi, are you suspecting me of being a thief?" the merchant protested.  


"Of course not!” answered Rabbi Landau. "But that is the problem!  If you didn't take the money, then obviously there must have been someone else snooping around the wine barrels without any supervision. In that case, I cannot be sure that the wine is still Kosher!"


The merchant turned pale.  He had invested everything in this wine business and without the Rabbi's certification he would be ruined. "Rabbi," the merchant said embarrassingly, "I confess, I took the money! No one else had access to the wine but me and the Melamed (teacher). I will return the money at once."


"The matter is not so simple," answered Rabbi Landau. "How can I be sure that no one else had access to the wine?  Maybe you are saying this so that you shouldn't lose the business!"  


The merchant begged the rabbi to believe him.  "I will do anything you say to repent!" 


"In that case," Rabbi Landau told him, "I will give you the certificate only on the condition that, in addition to paying back the Melamed what you stole from him, you will also make him a partner and share the profits of this year’s wine with him. This way, you will compensate him for all the aggravation you caused him!"


The merchant had no choice and agreed. Rabbi Landau then called the Melamed from the next room and gave him the good news. The Melamed not only received his lost money, but also did very well as a partner with the wine merchant. (end of story).


Q.The traditional festival greeting for all other festivals is, “Chag Sameach” – which translates to, Happy holiday. Why is the traditional Pesach greeting, “Chag Kasher VeSameach” – which means, “A kosherand happy holiday.” A Jewish home should be kosher always. Why this special wish for Pesach?


A.A Jewish home has to be kosher all year round. However, the laws of Pesach are very strictand the prohibitions for Pesach are many. Many foods which are kosher all year round may not be kosher for Passover. Thus, we need to make an extra effort to be sure that our home is kosher for Pesach. Not only are we not allowed to eat foods which are prohibited on Pesach, but we are also not allowed to have them in our possession during the entire holiday.


With all the effort we make to clean our home for Pesach and buy only kosher for Pesach products, we can use a special blessingthat no accidents or oversight will happen and that everything will indeed be kosher for Pesach. This is why we wish each other - A KOSHER and happy Pesach.