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Friday, Adar 7, 5781 / February 19, 2021


Today, the seventh day in the month Adar, is a significant day in the Jewish calendar. Moshe, the great leader of the Jewish people, who led them out of Egypt and shepherded them through their forty years in the desert, was born on this day.  He also passed away on the seventh of Adar, 120 years later.


Q.   Were Moshe’s parents, Yocheved and Amram related?


A.   Moshe’s mother, Yocheved, was Amram’s aunt – his father’s sister. After the Giving of the Torah a marriage as this is prohibited, but before the Giving of the Torah it was permitted.


Q. How old was Moshe when his mother placed him in a basket near the water, to be found by Pharaoh’s daughter?


A.  At three months. It was the same day in which he would receive the Torah eighty years later.


Q.  Was there anything special about Moshe’s birth?


A.  1) Moshe’s birth was painless for his mother. 2) When Moshe was born, the house was filled with light.  3) Moshe was born circumcised.


Q.  The Torah doesn’t write the date of Moshe’s passing. Is there any hint in the Torah to the date?


A.  Yes. From the beginning of the Book of Exodus (Shemot), until the end of Numbers (Bamidbar), Moshe's name appears in every Parsha, except in next week's Parsha, Tetzaveh, where Moshe's name is not mentioned at all. The reason is that Parshat Tetzaveh is usually read on the Shabbat before or after the seventh of Adar. His name being omitted from the Parsha, alludes to his passing.


Q.   How was Moshe’s physical condition when he passed away at 120?


A.  The Torah tells us that, at the time of his death, his strength had not weakened and his eyesight had not dimmed even though he was 120 years old.


Q.   On which day of the week did Moshe pass away?


A.  On Shabbat. The Torah also tells us that no one knew, nor will anyone ever know, his exact burial place.   The Midrash describes Moshe's death as "Mitat Neshikin" - “death by a G-dly kiss”.


The Torah says, "Moshe was the most humble person upon the face of the earth" (Num. 12:3). True greatness goes hand-in-hand with great humility. May this special day bring special blessings to all. 




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