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Thursday, Tishrei 27, 5781 / October 15, 2020


This Shabbat we read Parshat Breishis, which is the first Parsha of the Torah and tells the story of creation.


The significance of this Shabbat is expressed by the Chassidic saying, “As we stand on Shabbat Breishis so goes the rest of the year.” It is important to make good resolutions this Shabbat, especially concerning the study of Torah, for, as our sages tell us, “The purpose of creation was for the sake of the Torah.”


The Midrash relates the following story: A heathen once approached the Talmudic sage Rabbi Akiva and said, "You claim that G-d created the universe, prove to me that the universe has a creator."


Rabbi Akiva looked at him and said, "Tell me, who made the robe that you are wearing?"


"This robe was made by an expert weaver," answered the man.


"I don't believe that anyone made it... prove it to me!"


"How can you say this?" laughed the heathen. "Look at the design... see the intricate patterns and the many colors.  It's quite obvious that my robe was made by an expert weaver!"


Rabbi Akiva smiled, "You have just answered your own question! Look around you and see the patterns of the seasons, the daily sunrise, sunset and the sophisticated nature of the world and all living beings...  You must acknowledge that all this didn't happen by accident... This must have been created by an expert!”


Q. In the Parsha, the Torah tells us that Adam and Eve were created last on the sixth day of creation.  What is the lesson in this for us?


A. Our sages tell us that we can view this from two different perspectives: On the positive side, G-d made everything ready for Adam and Eve, so that when He created them, everything was ready for them, as one would prepare a table for a king, before the king enters the the room.


On the other hand it shows that everything, even the smallest insects were shown preference and created before man.


Both are true, say our sages. G-d says, “If a person does not accomplish their purpose and mission in life, then they should know that even the smallest of insects comes before them. But when a person fulfills their G-dly mission in this world then G-d says, See, I had everything prepared for you!”