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Thursday, Mar-Cheshvan 2, 5779 / October 11, 2018


Parshat Noach, which is read this Shabbat is the second Parsha in the Torah.  In the first Parsha of the Torah, Breishis, we are told about the story of the creation of the universe; the creation of Adam and Eve and about their descendants.  Breishis covers a span of ten generations. 


Parshat Noach also covers a span of ten generations – from Noach until Abraham.  In total, the two Parshiot cover a period of approximately 2000 years


Q.  There are 54 Parshiot in the entire Torah. If the first two Parshiot cover 2000 years, how many years are covered in the rest of the Torah?


A.  The remaining 52 Parshiot of the Torah, which focus on the story of the Jewish people, from the birth of Abraham to the passing of Moshe, covers a span of only 500 years.


Q. G-d made a promise that He will never bring such destruction again, as with the Great Flood. Torah means "teaching." What lessons can we derive from the story of the Great Flood in the Parsha?


A. Parshat Noach illustrates G-d's patience. Even when G-d decided to punish the people for their sins, He didn’t punish them right away. He extended His patience for 120 years.  He wanted Noach to go slow on building the ark, in order to give the people a chance to repent.


Another important lesson is the fact that although the people committed many sins against G-d, He punished them for the injustices they performed against their fellow humans as the Torah states, "And G-d said to Noah, the end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence.


It also illustrates the importance of every individual. Noach was one person and it is due to his efforts that the world continued. All of mankind come from Noach and his wife.


The story of Noach teaches the importance of each individual. Each one has the power to elevate the universe or to degrade it physically and spiritually.  It was through Noach’s efforts that life was saved on the planet. It gives us an appreciation of the great responsibility G-d invested in each of us.


Q.  What was Noach’s wife’s name?    


ANa’ama. She is mentioned in Parshat Breishit.  Interestingly, her father’s name was “Lemech” and Noach’s father’s name was also “Lemech.” 


Q.   How much time did Noach, his family and all the animals spend in the ark?


A.   365 days.